About Dave

I’m Dave Suetholz.  I’m running for State Senate for the same reasons that led me to practice labor law for working people.  I was taught that we have an obligation to leave the world better than we found it.  My grandma O’Brien reminded me that every one of us has unique gifts that can be shared for the good of all and it is always our obligation to tend to those who are struggling along the way. I studied History and Theology at Villanova University. I spent those four years learning about the great many structural injustices that rig our system in favor of a fortunate few to the detriment of the overwhelming majority. I chose Notre Dame Law School to study those structures and chose the labor movement as a vehicle to change the system. I found my voice fighting for workers and their families and now I believe that I have an obligation to share my insight to provide opportunities for others.

My wife Ellen and I started our firm to solely focus on the needs of working families.  We have a practice that allows us to help protect workers’ safety and wages across the Commonwealth and have been successful.  I’ve won cases before both the Kentucky Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. My victory in Thompson v. North American Stainless, LP changed the law in favor of workers for the entire country.  I’ve represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky as the General Counsel for the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. I know what government can do for people.

Ellen and I also raise our daughters on our farm outside of Eminence. Caring for the land and our livestock also gives me great empathy for the struggles of Kentuckians working to survive on small farms. We are blessed to raise our daughters here because the community here believes in kindness and fairness.  I know my neighbors believe that everyone deserves a fair shot no matter where they start and certainly do not judge a person’s worth by his pocketbook. People care about each other here because every one of us is worthy of concern.

The Kentucky Senate does not reflect the values of this District. One has to be wealthy to be heard while workers and their families are forgotten or worse – attacked. Our communities will thrive when families have economic security and advocates in Frankfort. I know that I can go and be a voice for the people in District 20.  As your Senator I promise to respect your voice regardless of your title or what is in your pocketbook and I will work toward a Kentucky that reflects our District as a caring and compassionate state.

I hope you elect me to serve you.