Public education is the great equalizer. A high-quality and innovative public education system is vital for the future of Kentucky. I’ll work to protect public school funding and ensure teachers have all the tools they need to succeed including stable pay and benefits. It’s a moral imperative to recognize the individual gifts of our students and allow them to flourish. From access to fine arts to vitally needed trades, I will work to ensure that our public education system reflects the love and concern we have for our youth and future.

Quality Jobs

Kentucky was once a leader in labor protections. We have lost that aspect of our state’s identity because of recent efforts that made it harder for workers to unionize. Republicans have eroded the wages of women and men building our public infrastructure. We need to regain the strength of unions to push for better wages, sick and parental leave, and fair work scheduling.

My guiding principle is that all Kentuckians should be able to earn a wage that supports their family in safe conditions that allow them to enjoy their lives.

Rural Economies

Small family farms are the backbone of Kentucky’s rural economy. Farmers deserve the same dignities as wage workers. The state should support market conditions that allow farmers a consistent income and limit the power of big agribusinesses to dictate the way we run our farms.


Participation in today’s economy is tied to the internet. Without rural highspeed internet, our neighbors’ ability to create and produce is limited and their lack of access to the market place is crippling to our District. I will work with the telecom providers to demand equal internet access for all of our communities.

Protecting Public Pensions, Expanding Access to Retirement Savings

Public employees work hard for us, and they should be able to rely on us to keep our promises. Every Kentuckian should have access to low-cost retirement plans. I believe that everyone who works hard should have peace of mind and retire with dignity. That’s why I will work to protect current and future retirees from benefit cuts, fight to ensure adequate funding of our pension system, and push to make low-cost retirement plans available to all Kentuckians.


High quality, affordable healthcare should be available to everyone. That’s why I will fight to protect rural hospitals and care centers. I’ll push to expand drug treatment options and protect the gains made by expanding Medicaid.